2022-23 Women in Motion: Season 12

Welcome back to Season 12!

The mission of WIM is to encourage, educate, and energize one another by learning new ideas, having new adventures, and developing new friendships along the way!  

Our theme this year is…………

“ The Gift of Presence: Weaving Mindfulness into our Daily Lives”

Mindfulness describes a practice of focused attention and awareness, the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment.


What does WIM stand for?  Women in Motion

Who are WIMMERS?

They are wonderful women who do too much!  They are curious by nature and enjoy the company of others who have a positive outlook on life! They are of all ages and backgrounds!

What happens at our meetings?

Our meetings are designed to stimulate and promote the health and flourishing of our minds, bodies, communities and beyond, challenging and inspiring us to be all that we can be! We do this through monthly small-group gatherings and events where positive thinking among likeminded women gets to take center stage, along with a shared interest in continuous growth and development.

During our meetings we spend quality time in intentional conversation, community, and learning. Each month, meeting topics rotate between themes related to mental , physical, and financial wellness, and other interesting topics. The overall tone of the group is engaging, optimistic and friendly!

To enhance our learning and community-building journey, we enjoy teaching segments from online Master Classes, TED Talks, live speakers, and learn from one another through meaningful discussions.

Aside from regular monthly evening meetings we may also enjoy some nearby activities such as attending plays, doing craft projects, volunteering, going on outdoor walks, or visiting places of interest. A highlight of the group is the annual Christmas party/luncheon!

Members are encouraged to bring along female friends who would like to connect with other interesting women. There is no cost to be part of WIM, and members can come whenever they are available. Klaas Financial helps to financially sponsor the activities of this group.

Is there food at the meetings? Yes, at the beginning of the year we pass around a sign-up sheet for ladies to pick which month they would like to assist with our snacks for the evening.  We provide water and other refreshments as well.

Why do I need to fill out the member information every year, and the release forms?

Our group likes to reach out to each other for support sometimes, therefore we only wish to share contact information that our members have authorized us to do so.  We put this information on our yearly roster with your name, address, phone number, month and year of birthday, and email address.  If you prefer not to have your information on the roster, you can simply put your name, email and phone number for us to keep you informed on upcoming meetings.

The photo release forms allow us to post your cute faces on our social media.

Who is WIMMY? Wimmy is our stuffed French Poodle mascot straight from France!  She  is filled to the brim each month and transferred to another Wimmer to enjoy and fill again!

When are the meetings?

Our monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at Klaas Financial (4707 Perry Ridge Lane, Loves Park) from 5:30pm-7:30pm, unless otherwise noted.

Scheduled topics for this year:

SEPTEMBER 15, 2022-  Summer Travels & Beyond- Where have you been?  Where will you go next?

OCTOBER 20, 2022-     Mindfulness of health- habits to improve physical and mental health

NOVEMBER 17,2022– Being Mindful of Others- Community project (TBD) & Potluck

     **Special ActivityPlay (These Shining Lives, Thursday, November 3rd at the Maddox Theater, Rockford University)

**DECEMBER 9, 2022– Christmas Brunch (Friday) 11:30am-1:30pm (Venue TBD)

**December –    No regular meeting

JANUARY 19, 2023 -Happiness & Beyond- Keeping our mental health in check 

FEBRUARY 16, 2023-Best practices for managing  hair, makeup & skin 

MARCH 16, 2023– Finding your roots? Genealogy, and interesting ways to record and pass on your family history 

APRIL 20, 2023- Tips on how to best tend to our flower and vegetable gardens 

**MAY 18, 2023– Dining on the patio (Venue TBD)

June & July are reserved for vacation fun for you and your families!

August 2023  kicks-off a New Year of WIM!

Special note: Our meetings are currently scheduled for indoors; however, if Health Department regulations change and do not permit this, we will shift to ZOOM meetings. If inclement weather forces us to stay home, we will also turn towards ZOOM.

Each month we will send out an email and an EVITE to our next upcoming meeting.  We appreciate RSVPs so we can plan out our space accordingly!

Interested in joining us, please contact Maleeah Cuevas at maleeahc@klaasfinancial or give me a call at 815-877-8440 at Klaas Financial!