Overview Of Our Specialties & Services

Individuals and Families

Fee-based Asset Management

We act as your retirement planning coach and quarterback.

Fee for Service

We act as your retirement planning coach.


Fee-based Retirement Plans

We work with Plan Sponsors (employers) to provide customized employer retirement plan solutions (e.g., 401k, 403b, etc.) to their employees.

HISTORY | Klaas Financial has been in business since 1976 and has offices in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

SPECIALTY | We specialize in Retirement Planning to design your best retirement future.

TEAMWORK | We work as a team to help you achieve your retirement planning goals. If your primary advisor is not available, you can always speak with another licensed advisor who can provide you with the same level of knowledge and service.

STRUCTURE | We are an independent “hybrid” firm. We are able to work primarily as
a fee-based fiduciary on behalf of our clients while still maintaining the ability to service commissionable products for them. We do not create securities or insurance products and nothing we offer is proprietary. Instead, we focus on bringing primarily fee-based fiduciary retirement planning solutions to our clients on a fully disclosed basis.

COST | Our initial consultation comes at no cost.