KIP – Klaas Investment Portfolios (Asset Management)

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• We’re your retirement planning coach and quarterback.

• Just like a coach and quarterback, we help you plan for retirement and we help implement certain investment solutions.

• For other retirement planning solutions we will continue acting as your coach by connecting you with a team of experts who focus on relationships to provide retirement clarity.

• You pay an asset-based management fee on a sliding percentage of your investments (reference our “Schedule A[s]”).

• Asset management fees are deducted from your Klaas Investment Portfolios (KIP) accounts on a quarterly basis. You are NOT required to write any checks directly to Klaas Financial.

• “Our goals are your goals” — as you earn more, we earn more.

• We provide ongoing services at no additional fee.

* Klaas Financial maintains a strict $100,000-per-household portfolio minimum with our Klaas Investment Portfolios (KIP) — Fee Based Asset Management division.

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