Employee Engagement Strategies

Maintain a targeted education program that encourages employees to enroll, save more, invest better, and plan smarter.

Klaas Financial advisors will help promote employee education programs to all levels and age groups to help employees get on track, stay on track, and prepare for retirement. Informative and compelling employee education materials are:

  • Personalized (based on certain information that you and the employee may provide)
  • Aimed at improving participation, savings rates, and asset allocation

Coordinate/Conduct Enrollment Meetings

The success of your plan hinges upon employee participation. Enrollment meetings provide an opportunity to maximize participation. These meetings are designed to educate and raise awareness among employees about the plan and how they can use it to pursue their retirement saving goals.

Additionally, Klaas Financial offers:

Education meetings

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Personal investing
  • Rollover and distribution options
  • Asset allocation workshops
  • Retirement readiness
  • Estate planning
  • Life-stage planning

Promoting resources available to plan participants to help your efforts and optimize employee engagement

  • Provider-website best practices to manage preferences and activities
  • Investment information availability; web-based and through consultation
  • Overview of basic plan features and provisions

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