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Klaas Financial Asset Advisors, LLC Regulatory Brochures & Information:
ADV Part 2A-KFAA General Disclosure Brochure
ADV Part 2A: Appendix 1-KIP Wrap Fee Brochure

Privacy Statement

ADV Part 2B: Breiby, Nate
ADV Part 2B: Ebert, Alyssa
ADV Part 2B: Kite, Kyle
ADV Part 2B: Klaas, Craig J.
ADV Part 2B: Ross, Forrest
ADV Part 2B: Schwartz, Eric
ADV Part 2B: Stirling, Joshua
ADV Part 2B: Wenger, Melissa
ADV Part 2B: Wernsing-Cuevas, Maleeah

Form CRS Disclosure

Klaas Financial Portfolio Management Group Investment Information:
Klaas Financial KIP Portfolios – Investment Policy Statements
UW Madison Wealth Management Group

Klaas Essentials:
Retirement Planning Road Map
Our Specialities & Services
About Klaas Financial
How to Read Your Statement
Compliance Record
Social Media Guide

The Weekly Market Pulse Promo:
View Pulse Promo

Retirement Downloads:
2023 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
2023 Comparison of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Tax-Related Downloads:
2023 Tax Brackets
2023 Standard Deductions, Exemptions & Credits
2023 Federal Estate and Gift Tax Updates
2023 Additional Medicare Tax
2023 Medicare IRMAA Surcharge

Quarterly Market Commentaries

Prior Years Downloads

Retirement Downloads:
2022 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
2022 Comparison of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Tax-Related Downloads:
2022 Tax Brackets
2022 Standard Deductions, Exemptions & Credits
2022 Federal Estate and Gift Tax Updates
2022 Additional Medicare Tax
2022 Medicare IRMAA Surcharge


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