Klaas Trusted Partners

Here at Klaas Financial we pride ourselves in being thorough with the retirement planning needs of our clients. With that in mind, we love to be able to refer our client’s additional needs to partners in our community that will serve them with their best interests in mind.

Our Klaas Trusted Partners Program* includes professionals in the following categories that serve clients in northern Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin areas.

  • Independent Professional Trustees
  • Accountants/CPAs
  • Insurance Agents (Medicare, LTC, Life, Property/Casualty)
  • Banks & Credit Unions (Mortgage/Car Loans/Savings)
  • Funeral Planners

Please note that we try to provide a few choices in each category so that you may find a suitable partner for your specific needs.

*Please note that participating members of the Klaas Trusted Partners Program have worked with us in the past and have provided excellent service, and also pay a fee to participate in this program.


Robert C. Roth, CPA, S.C.

Robert C. Roth, CPA, S.C.

958 Liberty Drive, Suite 201
Verona, WI 53593
Phone: (608) 848-3228
Fax: (608) 848-3229
Email: admin@rothcpasc.com | luke@rothcpasc.com
Website: https://www.robertcrothcpa.com

Insurance (Life Insurance, LTC Insurance, Medicare Supplements)

Monarch Solutions Inc.

Monarch Solutions Inc.

6870 Rote Road
Suite 103
Rockford IL 61107
Phone: Chicago Office 815-847-6229
Fax: Fax 866-366-1619

Dallas Office
2106 E. Hwy 114 Suite 303
Southlake, TX 76092
Phone: DFW Offices 817-332-3656
Fax: Fax 866-366-1619

Fort Worth Office
2929 West 5th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone: DFW Offices 817-332-3656
Fax: Fax 866-366-1619

Website: http://www.monarchsolutionsinc.com
Email: info@monarchsolutionsinc.com

Kevin Klaas, Founder, Insurance Advisor
Louisa James – Insurance Advisor
Rebecca Peterson, Insurance Advisor
Megan Wold, Insurance Advisor

Mortgage Lenders

ProVisor, Inc.

ProVisor, Inc.

2800 Royal Avenue
Madison, WI 53713

200 S. Executive Dr.
Brookfield, WI 53005

2100 Church St.
East Troy, WI 53120

1509 E. Main St.
Watertown, WI 53094

Phone – WI: 608-227-2006
Phone – IL: 815-981-4100

Contact: Chip Knilans
Website: http://www.ProVisor.com
Email: Chip@ProVisor.com