Klaas Koffee Chats

Welcome to Koffee Chats- Intro to Series

Concentration vs. Diversification

Understanding Income vs Capital Gains Taxation

Understanding Long Term Care

Maximizing the Impact of Charitable Giving

Understanding Net Unrealized Appreciation-NUA

How to Make a Backdoor Roth Contribution

Steps toward Funeral Planning

A Look at Educational Funding

Maximizing Your Retirement Plan

Setting up Retirement Savings Plans for Employers

Understanding Asset Allocation within your Portfolio

Understanding Socially Responsible and ESG Investing

Understanding Secure Act 2.0

Understanding High Yield Savings, CDs & Bonds

Understanding Social Security

Understanding Roth Conversions

Understanding RMDs and QCDs

Medicare Concepts

Basic Estate Planning Concepts

What is an IRA?

Understanding ROTH IRAs and ROTH 401ks

Monetary Needs for Retirement

Risks for Early Retirement

Understanding Pension Choices