Why Join Klaas?

by Mike Todyrk, Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®),
Investment Advisor Representative for Klaas Financial

My reasons for joining the Klaas team can be summed up in three words: Integrity, Recognition, Service.

I had been operating as an independent, owning my own firm, and enjoying everything that has to offer. Well, everything except the expenses and lack of marketing help! I was making a six-figure income, however, after covering the usual overhead — payroll taxes, accounting fees, insurance premiums, software licensing, equipment leases, maintenance and seminar expenses — there wasn’t much left over to brag about.


Before I ever met Craig Klaas or Steve Schou — or anyone else at the Klaas firm — their reputation had preceded them. We had numerous mutual acquaintances that always spoke very highly of them, their level of honesty and transparency, as well as their high degree of personal care. Obviously, as I considered introducing my clients and friends to the firm, this integrity was high on my list.


Where “recognition” comes in is although I keep a fairly high profile in my community, my firm lacked the ability to be categorized among the top larger R.I.A or advisory firms in my area. Klaas Financial solved that problem with its history dating back to 1976. Klaas maintains a staff of advisors and services some of the largest employers in the area, maintaining approximately 3,000 clients.


The word “service” is of optimum importance and the level provided here at Klaas is exemplary. I am much better equipped today to address multiple client needs and issues due to the infrastructure in place to assist me. Now, I not only have adequate support staff, but a dynamic and professional team behind me. This, coupled with up-to-date technology, makes it a total win-win for me and, more importantly, my clients. I have access to many investment choices through my broker/dealer so that I can provide financial solutions to address every investment or retirement goal.

Allow me to sum it up this way, if you want to be in business for yourself — but not by yourself — the Klaas environment is ideal. If you need a “continuation plan” as you approach retirement, again, the Klaas environment is an ideal solution. Good luck, and please feel free to contact me directly.

Mike Todryk

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