Welcome Nan M. Zimdars, Inc.!

Exciting times at Klaas…

We are proud to announce as of January 15, 2018, Nan Zimdars and her team at Nan M. Zimdars, Inc. have joined Klaas Financial. For more than 30 years, Nan’s balanced common sense approach to retirement planning and financial services has helped hundreds of individuals, small businesses and non-profits. Her company’s multi-generational, family-built nature mirrors the values, principles and retirement planning focus of Klaas Financial.

By joining forces, the commitment to our clients gains important depth while maintaining our rock solid long-term focus. For Klaas Financial’s existing clients, it means the pool of talent and expertise is that much deeper. For Nan M. Zimdars, Inc., clients it means everything you’ve loved about them will continue to be there — the same people, the same knowledgeable professionals, the same excellent service. Only now, backed by the entire Klaas Financial team.

Please join Klaas Financial in welcoming Nan, Janel, and Jenny to the team!

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How did this change come about?
Nan Zimdars and C.J. Klaas (president and CFO of Klaas Financial) have known each other for many years. They initially met through the downtown Rotary Club of Madison. Having gained a mutual respect over the years, they realized their businesses provided very similar retirement planning-centric services which led to quarterly meetings. As a professional retirement planner, Nan had been looking for a suitable successor firm to join forces with to create a continuity plan for her clients that would live on beyond her career. The opportunity for Klaas Financial to add a skilled team sharing the same focus and goals made this plan an obvious win-win and bring us to where we are today.

Where will Nan’s office be?
For the next 6 months, Nan and her team will maintain their office at 2979 Triverton Pike Dr., Suite 104, in Fitchburg, WI. In July, Nan, Janel, and Jenny will move to the Klaas Financial office in Fitchburg (5951 McKee Rd., Suite 200), only about a mile from their Triverton Pike Drive location.

What will happen to my portfolio if it was with Nan M. Zimdars, Inc.?
You should expect no changes in how your accounts are managed. The intent will be to move everything over to the Klaas Financial platforms “in-kind” so that you don’t incur any unnecessary taxes or fees. Our similar licensing structure, retirement planning focus and approach to portfolio management will make this an extremely smooth transition.

Will I need to sign paperwork to maintain Nan as my financial advisor?
Yes. You can expect to hear from Nan and the team at Klaas Financial in the coming weeks and months to schedule a meeting and sign some paperwork. This paperwork will allow you to keep Nan as your primary financial advisor while shifting all your accounts over “in-kind” to the various Klaas Financial platforms.

Will my portfolio or services fees go up?
No. We will initially “grandfather” your existing Nan M. Zimdars, Inc., fee schedules over to Klaas Financial. Our research has shown that most clients should see a decrease in management and/or service fees.